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Hi my name is Lia and I am from Cooperstown, NY.  I enjoy hiking and playing ultimate frisbee. I am an intended biology major here at Bard. I strive to become a physician in either intensive care, pediatrics, or dermatology.



I am Daniella and I was born and raised in  South America. I love to sing, travel and watch Grey’s Anatomy. I am an intended Biology major with several other interests including Sociology. My goal is to become a Neonatal Nurse and work with children in the future focusing on proper early childhood development especially in low income families.



I am Juliette and I am from Baltimore, Maryland. At Bard I am interested in studying chemistry and biology. I am inspired by the natural world and love to tend to my indoor garden and hike.



Hello! My name is Liam, I’m from Massapequa, New York (Long Island) and I am an intended Biology/Psychology major at Bard College. I aim to work in ecology, genetics, or animal behavior. I enjoy cold weather, animals, and outer space.



My name is Isa and I am studying Environmental and Urban Studies. My tenacious love for nature has me outdoors most every day, attempting to make sense of the ecosystem around me. My outdoor hobbies include hiking, fly fishing, ice fishing, cross country skiing, and walking on the beach during the winter.



Hi! I’m Sarah and I am from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I love music, food, and everything outdoors; one of my current goals is to backpack the Continental Divide. I plan to double major in biology and philosophy here at Bard, and have a particular interest in plant science.


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My name is Cameron and I am from Portland, Oregon. I am studying Biology and Photography at Bard. I enjoy art, dancing, road trips and jumping in puddles.



Grace isn’t timid to pull up sediment from the bottom of the Harlem River to look for
signs of life. Her love for living things drove them to respectfully sieve through bucket
fulls of mud brought up with their Ekman grab. This researched happened with her high
school “The New York Harbor School” where she received her Marine Biology CTE
certification. During her time at harbor she was captain of the rowing team, along with
being the director of operations for Harbor SEALs – A spotlight group bringing together
Citizen Scientists to monitor the health of the Hudson River Estuary. She now goes to
Bard College, expecting to major in biology. She is also on Bard’s track and field team.
Her event is the javelin throw. This is her first time going to Costa Rica but she hopes
that it’s not her last.



Hi there! My name is Rose and I’m an Environmental and Urban Studies major with a concentration on Food and Agricultural Studies. I love to cook, and would love to have a future career that involves farming, agroecology, and cooking.


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My name is Anthony. Graduated from Bard High school Early College. Intended bio major, from Baltimore Maryland. Head of a Trustee Leadership Scholar (TLS) program called Brothers at Bard that mentors and tutors young men at Kingston High School. I am the head of the Bike co-op workshop on campus. I am a Boxer also I am the co-captain of Bard’s cycling team.


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Hey! I’m Mary, and I’m a first-year from a tiny town in Mid Coast Maine that you’ve definitely never heard of. I love hiking, music, and anything to do with animals. I’m not sure what I want to do with my life yet, but I will likely double major in biology and human rights.

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